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Indoor and Outdoor Tracking Specialists

Our cloud-based Tracking Platform serves as a central viewpoint for all of your business assets. The only system to manage your entire tracking requirement - covering personnel, vehicles and equipment across indoor + outdoor environments.
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    Remote Monitoring

    Log in to the Web Portal or App to view the location and status of each item in real time.
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    Infinitely Scalable

    Whether you need to manage 5 or 5000 assets, our systems are designed to be accessible for every business and grow with your requirement.
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    Instant Alerts

    Define custom business rules and be notified if something is outside your allowable variables.

Introducing ATLAS app track all the vital assets that keep your business operating

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Now you can Track and Manage everything in one place

Simply TAG each of your assets and receive vital information including location updates, timely notifications and security alerts.

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Introducing BlueCare

Designed for Aged Care, Hospitals & Medical

We have developed a cloud-based real-time locating system (RTLS) designed to increase utilisation of assets and decrease losses. Our new technology is cheaper, more efficient and more reliable than anything else available on the market. We know RTLS inside-out and with a wealth of experience to draw on you can trust us to design a solution specific system which fulfils your requirements perfectly.
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  • Monitor

    Our cloud management system assists in monitoring personnel and assets to improve efficiency.
  • Locate

    Instantly locate equipment, vehicles and staff – receive notifications when they pass outside of designated safe zones.
  • Alert

    Trigger real world actions such as email, SMS, push notifications and calls based on custom business rules.
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GPS outdoors

Seemless internal room to room and outdoor tracking through your portal

Zone Tracking for Aged Care & Medical

No matter the size of your facility, we've got you covered. With receivers available for internal and external placement, we support everything from internal tracking shown on a site map to external applications with tracking outside your facility - wherever you need to track we can make it happen.

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    Equipment Tracking

    Know what you have and where it is – always. Define safe and danger zones for each tag to receive instant alerts. Analyse heat-maps to identify points in your processes which can be optimised.
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    Patient Flow

    Automate patient record processes. Use zone tracking for awareness throughout your facility or leverage GPS technology for offsite visibility. Instant SOS alarms and Fall alerts are available to ensure prompt staff response.
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    Wandering Management

    Create a perimeter of receivers around your facility and receive alerts whenever a patient exits. Retain time-stamped records of egress indicating direction of travel to assist in locating.

If you have WIFI you may be RTLS ready

Our solution is able to integrate with a variety of Wi-Fi brands allowing us to use your access points as receivers. Enquire today to see if you can launch an RTLS solution with zero infrastructure.


Local Australian support is provided with all iottag solutions, this covers entire system architecture from site survey to installation of components. We understand there can be many challenges when implementing new technology and are available 7 days a week to ensure a smooth rollout.
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    Get up and running in 15 minutes. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to use our systems. They have been designed to be intuitive and accessible - RTLS made easy.
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    We provide comprehensive onboarding and training for staff members so that they know exactly how the system works and what they need to do day-to-day to maximise value.
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    Our cloud-based system allows iottag specialists to maintain and upgrade your systems instantly over the air.

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