Aircon Australia Case Study

Aircon Rentals is Australia’s industry leader in temporary air and power solutions. They offer a national outreach with rental facilities in all states across Australia and the largest range of equipment for hire within their industry.

Their equipment is always in high demand, and managing a manual equipment check in and check out process at their high traffic facilities has proven problematic. Especially with multiple staff on duty, items are often missed and leave their location without being scanned. This results in hundreds of man hours to locate equipment and those which cannot be located are often written off as loss. 

Also, during busy times the manual process heavily impacts the quality of the customer induction process, affecting the customer experience with the equipment and reputation of the business. Goals:

Automate Check In/Out
Eliminate Theft
Instant Audit

Additional requirements, head office sought real-time information of equipment which is at each location, to better assists with processing late returned items and better manage equipment which is shared amongst facilities. Theft of equipment from site yards was also a concern, knowing when an item went missing would be the key to reducing man hours spent watching CCTV footage to locate incidents. 

The solution was a simple real-time location system (RTLS) , to automate each facilities check in and out process, updating the national equipment inventory in seconds, offering head office the visibility they needed to take over responsibility for account related issues, increasing staff time to look after their customers and improving the business reputation.

Reducing equipment loss and identifying theft was easy with the system performing monitoring duties 24/7, sending critical alerts directly to the security agency if items left the premises after hours or behaved outside of the allowable business rules. 

Aircon Australia are very happy with the services the system provides, automating processes and services around the clock, and improving customer service, which would otherwise require hiring of multiple personnel.  

System Benefits:

Automatic Compliance
Visibility for Head office
Eliminate Equipment loss
Improve Asset Utilisation

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