Atlas tracks and protects all of your assets.

Simply TAG each of your assets and receive vital information including location updates, timely notifications and security alerts.

  • Iottag Keys
  • Iottag Staff
  • Iottag Equipment
  • Iottag Vehicles

Attach & Track

  • Staff
  • Tools
  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Keys

Tracking TAG’s are designed to be solution specific, comprising of GPS, RFID & BLE technology


Staff & Contractors App

Deliver pertinent information to your personal


Staff automatically update the location of your assets

ATLAST App will continue to track even whilst staff app is closed, ensuring that you always know where your assets are.



Know your assets location and who they are with

wifi, cell tower and satellite positioning for IOS / Android


Separation alerts prevent loss of your assets

Indoor Tracking & Remote Visibility

Record entry, exit, location and utilisation data


Atlas Gateway connects with TAG
fleet to provide powerful analytics and
24hr security delivered via:
SMS | Email | Push Notifications

Central operations made easy,
gain complete control via the portal

    Monitor Assets

    Our real time location system allows visibility of assets whilst on and off-site.

    Last Known Location

    Separation alert will notify the staff / contractor and head office before the assets are left behind. The items last know location will be recorded on the map.

    Check in / Check Out

    The App will identify that an asset is in custody of staff / contractor, they must then 'accept custody' within app, to ensure accountability and disable alarms.

    Paperless Staff Tracking

    Automated centralised Staff check-in and check-out records. You can also push data to your staff managemnt and payroll system.

    24Hr Asset Security

    Assets on premisis are secured by Bluetooth receiver. Should any item leave the facility without a registered staff member, emergency SMS alerts will be sent.

    Historical Activity Log

    Records of assets historical activities including locations and time with particular staff or contractors.

    Smart Reporting & Analytics

    Our system performs stock-take procedures at the end of each day. Alerts will be sent to management if anythig is missing in the report.

    Geo Fence / Safety Zone

    Receive alerts whenever Asset TAG is in proximity of your defined safe and danger zones.

    Passive Tracking (app closed)

    Track your assets even whilst your staff & contractor app's closed, always recording the last known location.

Complete System Services & Support

Our systems and respective support levels are designed to be perfectly scalabale, suiting businessess large and small - So you can upgrade as you grow.

Express Business Plus
Paperless Asset Management tick tick tick
Constant Asset Visibility tick tick tick
Separation Alert tick tick
Check-in / Check-out tick tick tick
Centralized Notes tick tick
24hr Premises Security tick tick
Analytics & Reporting
Paperless Staff Tracking tick tick
Stocktake Reporting tick tick
Asset Utilisation Analytics tick tick
Activity Log tick tick
SMS notifications p/m 15 100
API for advanced integrations tick
Branded Units tick
Branded Software tick
Email Support tick tick
Priority Phone & Email Support tick
Custom Analytics tick


$190 +gst 1 month license incl.

Everything you need to get started right away.

Includes:5x TAG's for Equipment / Keys
Setup & Support Assistance
Online Portal & app License (one month free)

*Gateway not included.