Previously, the solution to auditing was to write down the barcode of each asset. This solution required heavy manual labour, and of course, the exorbitant cost that comes with heavy manual labour. With new Bluetooth technology, an out of the box solution that automates your auditing system is now possible.


Have staff that go on tedious equipment searches?

Studies have found that staff can spend up to 10% of their time finding lost equipment.

This solution not only makes your audit happen with the click of a button but if an item is lost, it can be found in seconds rather than minutes. Optimising staff time spent finding equipment.

Have assets that rarely get used?

With a real-time location system in place; utilisation of assets will be at an all-time maximum.

Knowing where and when each and every asset is moved and used provides management with all the statistics required to optimise how many assets are purchased and retained.

Know where your assets are?

Items get moved around all the time, how do you know that your asset is in the same place it was the last time an audit happened?


  • View your assets on the map (equipment, tools and vehicles)
  • Emergency alerts if your assets leave your site
  • Be notified if your assets are underutilised
  • Automated daily audit


Assets are often misplaced, this leads to lost time.  With our tracking solution, named ‘Atlas’ you can open the Atlas app on your phone and know where your assets are with the press of a button.



A medium sized audit takes 800 hours to complete, extremely time inefficient when it could take 5 minutes. (extrapolation based on taking 3 minutes per item and a medium company having only 4000 assets.)

Saved money

The money required to audit is exorbitant, approximately $100,000 for a company with only 4000 assets to audit(extrapolation based on time per item 3 mins,  with 4,000 items, all audited quarterly ).

How Atlas works

Simply place a Bluetooth tag on an asset that needs to be tracked and wireless ‘gateways’ are placed throughout the site. These gateways receive ‘Bluetooth advertising’ — this is just a fancy way of saying they receive a signal from the tags. This signal tells the real-time location of the tag to the gateway and the gateway tells the Atlas system. The tag’s battery should last between one to five years.


We provide an affordable solution for all sizes of business whether small medium or enterprise.


Contact us to see how we can help you automate your auditing system.

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