RF tracking asset tag

RFID Radio Frequency Identification

Class Efficient, High Volume Tracking Solutions

Place a sleek tag on each of your assets and receive vital information, timely warnings and location updates. Our tags contain an array of technologies including Bluetooth to provide the visibility you need.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Constant Visibility

    Our real time location system allows visibility of assets whilst on and off-site.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Separation Alert

    Separation alert will notify the staff / contractor and head office before the assets are left behind. The items last know location will be recorded on the map.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Check in / Check Out

    The App will identity that an asset is in custody of staff / contractor, they must then ‘accept custody’ within app, to ensure accountability and disable alarms.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Geo Fence / Safety Region receiver req.

    Receive alerts whenever Asset TAG is in proximity of your defined safe and danger zones.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Call your TAG

    Call the TAG to find it efficiently amongst other items or when your asset is close but out of sight.


RF Tracking Asset Tag

Fast, Seamless Integration

Our mobile app detects your nearby assets and relays this information up to our secure cloud server. The current status is run through your custom business rules and any exception will produce a timely notification.

View the current status of your assets through the web portal. The portal also contains historical data, analytics and more.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Equipment TAG

    Small and sleek ready to affix with silver keychain, lanyard or double sided tape.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Mobile App

    The App pairs with your asset TAG for system monitoring and constant visibility.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Cloud Server

    Data is stored on AWS servers, the Gold Standard for data security.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Central Admin

    Monitor, locate and receive alerts remotely. Efficient and secure inventory management

RFID technology
  • RF tracking asset tag
    Paperless Staff Tracking receiver req.

    Automated centralised Staff check-in and check-out records. You can also push data to your staff man-agemnt and payroll system.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    24Hr Asset Security receiver req.

    Assets on premisis are secured by Bluetooth receiver. Should any item leave the facility without a registered staff member, emergency SMS alerts will be sent.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Smart Reporting & Analytics receiver req.

    Our system performs stock-take procedures at the end of each day. Alerts will be sent to management if anythig is missing in the report.

  • RF tracking asset tag
    Historical Activity Log

    Records of assets historical activities including loca-tions and time with particular staff or contractors.

 Starter  Regular  Plus
Paperless Asset Management tick tick tick
 Constant Asset Visibility tick tick tick
 Separation Alert tick tick tick
 Check-in / Check-out tick tick tick
 Call your TAG – 90db Alert tick tick tick
 Centralized Notes tick tick
 24hr Premises Security tick tick
Analytics & Reporting
 Paperless Staff Tracking tick tick
 Stocktake Reporting tick tick
 Asset Utilisation Analytics tick tick
 Activity Log tick tick
 SMS notifications p/m  15  100
 API for advanced integrations tick
 Branded Units tick
 Branded Software tick
 Email Support tick tick
 Priority Phone & Email Support tick
 Advanced Analytics tick
RF tracking asset tag

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