GPS Tracking

Meet the world's smallest & lightest live GPS Tracker

Small and powerful, Set a safety region on your app to enable geo-fence alerts, access up to 4 weeks of historical footprints, emergency SOS button and up to 30 days rechargeable battery life.

What are the applications?


  • GPS Tracking
    Group Share Location

    Build an asset management system at 1/5th the cost of alternative technologies such as RFID

  • GPS Tracking
    Ultra Long Rechargeable battery

    With up to 30 days standby time, the information you need is always available hassle-free.

  • GPS Tracking
    Emergency SOS

    For emergency situations activate the on-board SOS button to receive instant alerts through your connected App.

  • GPS Tracking
    Geo Fence / Safety Region

    Receive alerts whenever Nutale is in proximity of your custom safe or danger zones.

Packed with technology

GPS Tracking
The smallest most powerful battery operated GPS.

Tiny to hold, but with unlimited applications Nutale GPS helps you protect the things that matter.

With market leading battery life backed up by a host of features designed to safe-guard assets and loved ones, Nutale provides the security you need at a price you can’t refuse.

GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking

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