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Asset Tracking

We have optimised performance to seamlessly deliver all necessary information without maintenance, specially engineered to operate as part of our RTLS.

Asset Tracking
We help businesses implement solution specific technology

The most adavanced all-in-one corporate tracking systemOur RTLS incorporates an array of devices which address specific requirements.

Data from each device is collated and can be seen on your dashboard.Our specialists will recommend a hardware deployment which achieves your goals in the most cost-effective manner.

  • Equipment Tracking

    Tracking Tags

    Bluetooth Tracking Tags

    Breakthrough pricing, long life and low maintenance means that this technology is enabling RTLS for diverse industries.

  • Equipment Tracking

    Tracking GPS

    GPS Real-time Tracking

    Continue tracking outside your facility with dedicated GPS units. Receive location updates worldwide – anywhere there is mobile coverage.

  • Equipment Tracking

    Mobile Tracking

    Mobile Locating, Reporting and Alerts

    Leverage the phones of personnel roaming your site to refine asset location data. Whenever a device running our locating app passes by a tracking tag they will update its location.

    apple android


Create a safety net around your facility by promoting the use of the tracking app in the local community.

This increased userbase will assist in updating the location of assets once they have exited your facility.

Bluetooth is ubiquitous across personal devices today, allowing unrivalled integration and enabling access to the Lost & Found Network from NutTag Australia.

The iottag™ difference

    Easy Integration

    Seamlessly integrate with existing technologies, implement iottag out of the box hardware or go moble and eliminate all fixed infrastructure.

    Low Maintenance

    Ease maintenance and additional costs by leveraging hardware designed to be reliable and integrate seamlessly.

    Low Cost

    Build an asset management system at 1/5th the cost of alternative technologies such as RFID

    Ultra Long Battery

    Beacons can last for over a year - other solutions require frequent charging.

    Powerful Reporting

    Access historical data for analysis. Heat maps, dwell time, routing and more is available through the portal.

    White Label Solutions

    iottag offer comprehensive white label solutions. Customise hardware and software to create a cohesive

Out of the box solutions

Iottag asset tracking solutions are ready to install out of the box. System security updates are made remotely, ensuring your business is uninterrupted.

  • Hospitals require RTLS in high pressure spaces
  • Aged Care tracking and wandering
  • In home care is increasingly requiring technological
  • Schools and universities hold thousands of assets
  • Warehousing, hotels and events

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