Staff Tracking
Our aim is to help hospitals of all sizes increase safety and become more efficient
From high value equipment to high risk patients, our system provides location information for the things you need to locate. Common implementations include equipment tracking, wandering patient alerts, and staff security.
Staff Tracking
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    Equipment Tracking

    Stop searching and start finding. Breakthrough low-cost tags allow rollout on an unprecedented scale, providing visibility of every piece of critical equipment. Use the App to locate the nearest available bed, IV drip or wheelchair with just one tap.

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    Wandering Patient

    Provide increased safety for patients suffering from dementia. Receive alerts as soon as a patient has left their designated “safe zone”. Know when they left and which way they are going for . There are also discreet GPS enabled devices available to allow tracking if they are to leave your facility.

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    Staff Security & Location

    Increase the security and confidence of isolated workers. Our personal locator with on-board duress button allows staff to request assistance or alert security in an emergency situation.

Bluetooth & GPS Tracking for medical applications

Bluetooth tags are the gold standard for tracking. At the size of a 50 cent piece, it is a discreet and easily implemented technology. GPS units are also available for residents with high flight risk, or high value items.

  • 1/5th cost of competing technologies
  • 1yr Battery life with bluetooth
  • Range - Accuracy even at large distances
  • Integrated into your portal
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If you have WIFI you may be RTLS ready

Our solution is able to integrate with a variety of Wi-Fi brands allowing us to use your access points as receivers. Enquire today to see if you can launch an RTLS solution with zero infrastructure.