How can I safely operate my business through COVID-19?

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of businesses across the world. Global Operations and supply lines have been impacted, with many businesses being required to stop work to slow the spread of the virus.

Essential industries have been allowed to continue operating through this time. For these industries, the health and safety of Staff & Personnel are of key importance.

Iottag’s COVID-19 solution tracks staff location and interactions, including visibility of the equipment they have been in contact with. Offering organisations the vital data they need to protect their workforce against the spread.

We understand the time-critical nature of this requirement, and can offer a phased delivery structure to provide a timely and comprehensive solution.

IOTTAG’S COVID-19 Solution:

We call our solution ‘Track & Trace’ – a system for Staff Health & Safety.

Our goal when developing this system was to record all staff interactions which are closer than the social distancing requirement of 1-2 meters.

We achieve this by providing each staff member with a Bluetooth TAG to carry on their person. The TAG automatically performs Contact Tracing & Records Location.

Key System objectives:

  • Control spread of the virus spread by identifying likely infection chains.
  • Capture all the data necessary to complete accurate contact tracing based on an individual’s interactions.
  • Increase safety of personnel and raise health awareness.
  • Reduce costs of testing personnel who have not been exposed.
  • Promote health and reduce anxiety for both employees and visitors.

System Output:

  • Record and trace the interactions between employees and visitors, along with their movement through defined locations.
  • Flag personnel as a suspected / confirmed infection at any time.
  • Playback interactions and movements for the individual to simulate likely spread of the virus (via contact tracing).
  • Predict the infection risk of employees and visitors.
  • Receive daily / weekly compliance reports.

Capturing Interactions:

  1. Person A & B (wearing TAG)  walk past each other
  2. Both tags record interaction, including engagement time and proximity (distance)

Ready set go:

A demonstration of the technical capability of our solution is available.

Please contact us to arrange an online system demonstration.

Long Term Value

Instantly adapt your COVID-19 Solution to a general asset tracking system for Staff, Keys, Equipment and Vehicles. Improving operational visibility and efficiency of your vital business assets.

By Andrew Kelly | Categories: RTLS Tracking

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