iottag is incredibly excited to be announced as the winner of the Best Smart Care Technology product award in a conjoined venture with IRT to take down the barriers to freedom caused by dementia. With over 200 entries from more than 17 countries, it is truly an honor to receive this award.

Approximately 30,000,000 dementia residents worldwide suffer from wandering, this is an astonishing figure with there being more than 50,000,000 dementia residents worldwide affecting 60% of the dementia suffering population.

Within Aged care facilities there is a rigorous process to resolve wandering residents, each time a resident wanders, a four-man search party is dispatched to commence the search. A police report must be submitted, their family to be notified and a doctor must complete an assessment of their health.

We have developed a product to help aged-care residents live a more normal life, with the freedom to come and go, whilst being safe and locatable in the event of an issue.

The Wander Care product comes in the form of a wristband, infrastructure is set up around the aged-care facility, this infrastructure reports the location of the wristband constantly allowing the residents the freedom to move about the facility, which in turn means that they require less attention; freeing up staff time for other residents. Improving the care for all residents in the facility, not only those with dementia.

With a lost and found network, members of the nearby towns can download the Atlas app. The app will alert IRT with the location of the resident. Allowing residents to be found in they wander out of the facility.

For more information on Wander Care please contact our press team –

By Andrew Kelly | Categories: Partnerships & Awards

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