Kordia Mobile Services Case Study

Kordia was lacking the ability to Monitor and Protect a vast inventory of high value assets across territories.  Goals:

Improve Compliance
-Improve Utilisation
Reduce Misplacement

Project management teams sought asset top personnel custody information daily, to locate assets which may have changed hands, between managers, personnel and contractors. With this live data decisions about teams eligibility for particular jobs and equipment supply issues could not be solved. 

Kordia has significantly increased efficiency in site attendance, including those of urgent status. Project management personnel have noticed a new level of accountability from their service teams. High definition asset tracking unites teams across sites with positive sentiment and increased productivity.

Utilisation modelling assists executive teams to learn about where their teams strengths and weaknesses lie, creating insight to enable new efficiencies. The ATLAS system configuration comprised of Gateways to manage assets available within warehouse locations. Visibility was shared amongst project management personnel and mobile service personnel

Mobile service cars were fitted with Smartphone Gateways to monitor assets being carried by service professionals, visibility was shared with high level service and operational teams. Autonomous asset tracking app’s were installed on the smartphones of personnel and contractors, enforced by a poster in the warehouse with a 3 step process to compliance prior to taking equipment.

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