Oracle’s Internet of Things (IoT) Asset Monitoring Cloud Service tracks and locates fixed and movable assets in real time using modern IoT technologies. With prebuilt business dashboards and rich predefined KPIs for asset performance, utilization, and availability. When an asset is moved from one place to another, the location of the asset is updated in real time. A glance at the Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service UI lets you know where the asset is located relative to floor plans of your facility, making it easy to locate and use!

Find your companies assets on the go. Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service includes a mobile app for mobile phones and tablets so you can monitor your companies assets from anywhere! The mobile app is more than just a smaller version of the console UI. Using the mobile app, you can add new assets and place them geographically, using the GPS capabilities of your mobile device. Now every member of your staff can use the mobile app as a tool to register, locate, and use assets quickly and easily.

Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service analyzes streaming data from sensors attached to your companies assets to monitor the health and use of the device Your company can use this data to alert conditions that require maintenance of the asset, for example, low battery or overheating.

Using customizable prediction analytics, the assets will tell the system when they need maintenance, often long before they fail

  • Perform preventive maintenance on critical assets
  • Improve asset availability.
  • Reduce operating costs.

Optimize supply chain efficiency.

Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service integrates with Oracle Supply Chain (Asset Maintenance, Inventory Management) to optimize your companies asset maintenance and repair supply chain. Use Oracle’s IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service to drive improvements across the supply chain through integration with other Oracle Supply Chain offerings.  Real-time data from Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service lets your company better manage your asset levels and spare parts inventory. Reduce operating costs by limiting the acquisition and storage of unneeded assets.

One step integration with Oracle cloud;

ATLAS partnership with Oracle systems unlocks the ability to seamlessly integrate with powerful Oracle cloud services. Compatible Bluetooth indoor and outdoor hardware systems include asset TAG’s to monitor and locate:


For solution specific industries:

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