Meet Atlas, your single
source of truth

Easily measure operational performance to achieve
business objectives. Automating the management of
staff is easy with high quality data.

Staff Productivity

Measured using the fundamentals of
time and attendance, then tracking which
equipment has been signed in or out and
adding high accuracy equipment in
motion detection.

Equipment Location & Protection

Eliminate loss with comprehensive
records of where equipment is now and
who it is with. Smart alerts prevent loss
before it happens.

Equipment Utilisation

Knowing when a piece of equipment is
used and who by ensure its security,
monitoring check in and out records for
consistency illustrated the compliance
levels of the individual - compliance.

Workflow Optimisation

Gain complete visibility of operational
data, essential to improve efficiency and
decrease cost.

Staff Safety

In case of an emergency location of staff
is essential.

Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance records off clear
insight into an individuals commitment.

How it works

Tags record data

IoT Tags record attendance,
equipment used and time on tools.

Apps & Gateways send data

Apps receive Tag data and deliver
information to the Atlas platform.

Cloud processing & output

Cloud platform processes, stores and
visualises performance data.

What our
customers say

After careful evaluation of solutions on the market, we are
so pleased to have chosen the mother of all tracking systems.
The accuracy and security of ATLAS made it the clear winner and we are very satisfied.

Igor Shvarchuck

Principal Engineer

Before implementing the iottag system our asset management was largely manual, time consuming for all and ineffective. The iottag system was rolled in with ease and we are proud to say it has been a brilliant success.

Megan Parsons

Facilities Manager

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