Perth Mint Case Study

The Perth Mint is Australia’s official bullion mint, wholly owned by the Australian Government. With the capacity to process in excess of 700 tonnes of gold per annum, The Perth Mint operates one of the biggest and most efficient refineries in existence, refining more than 92% of Australia’s gold production.

Although the refinery is a highly secure facility, Perth Mint lacked the visibility of individual staff and visitor activity across the corporate floors. This posed a major safety and OH&S concern for the management team, as in the event of fire there would be no efficient and accurate way of knowing if the building was completely evacuated achieving rigorous personnel safety requirements. Goals:

OH&S Alerts
Office Headcount
Personnel Management

They required a Real Time Locating System (RTLS) solution to complete the head counting process. Additional requirements included ultra-long life staff and visitor ID Cards.

Through the use of our staff worn ID Cards and Gateways placed on office floors, we have provided a solution which monitors, locates and generated reports based on staff and visitor activity which met and surpassed all of their requirements. We also installed a Gateway at each muster point to detect individuals that had left the building, making it easy for the fire warden to assess risk and manage full evacuation. 

With our end-to-end staff & visitor management system they have also automated their time sheet auditing and save thousands of man hours annually.

System Benefits:

Evacuation accuracy
OH&S compliance
Automated check-in and check-out 
Headcount Management
Allocate resources where they need to go 
Make better decisions with real time information
Measure repeat behaviours, and patterns

By Andrew Kelly | Categories: Industry Solutions

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